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Foresight Sports ForeCaddy "Smart Cart"

Newest Remote Control/Follow Caddy on the Market

Foresight ForeCaddy is the newest remote control electric golf caddy on the market with the very popular "Follow" feature. ForeCaddy, nicknamed "Smart Cart" was introduced at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, FL in January 2020. The cart is receiving rave reviews..... [ Read More ]

Navigator Quad, Coaster Quad, and Hunter Quad Comparison

Elevation changes help make a course memorable. Whether it's the 140' drop of the par 3 15th at Lake Ridge Golf Course in Reno, or the steeply uphill 2nd at Apple Mountain in Camino CA., they deliver challenges that stick in the mind..... [ Read More ]

Powakaddy FW3, FW5, FW7 Electric Golf Trolley Reviews

Powakaddy was founded in 1983 by Joe Catford (mechanical engineer) when they launched the powakaddy classic electric golf trolleys from a small factory in Sittingbourne, UK. The new powakaddy models are getting many positive reviews from golf cart review sites and customers alike. Let’s take a look at the new powakaddy models.... [ Read More ]

Our Best Selling Electric Golf Cart Trolley – Bat Caddy

Motogolf.com® sells remote and non remote control Bat Caddy golf cart trolleys for the lowest prices anywhere online. Over the last decade, Bat Caddy electric golf caddies have become one of the top selling golf caddy products on the market. We offer the largest selection at the lowest prices on the web... [ Read More ]

What Differentiates Bat-Caddy Carts from other Carts on the Market Today?

Bat-Caddy Cart Advantages

When customers are interested in Bat-Caddy carts, they often ask us “what are some of the advantages of ordering a Bat-Caddy cart?”  Here’s what we tell them:... [ Read More ]

Poker players and their fanatical obsession with golf

Ever make a wager during a round of golf? Perhaps not on the outcome of the game, but maybe on an individual shot? Something like, “If you make that putt dinner’s on me”? Well you’re not alone.

There’s a breed of serious gambler known for doing the same... [ Read More ]

Golf Etiquette

If you are a beginner golfer or are interested in playing golf, it might be helpful to have some basic knowledge of the golf etiquette when playing with other fellow golfers.

Always look your best as your appearance speaks volumes about you as a person. From Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones to Payne Stewart, the best players have been meticulous about their appearance... [ Read More ]

Exploring the Popularity of Motorized Caddies in the US

Golf has changed since the Scots first walked from one hole to the next. For example, technologies like electronic rangefinders and graphite shafts have helped lower handicaps while courses have become longer, perhaps to compensate. Some changes are for the better, others not so much... [ Read More ]

Selecting the Right Caddy for Your Game!

Shopping for an electric golf caddy that meets your needs and budget can be bewildering. Here's how to choose one that's right for you... [ Read More ]

Remote Control Caddies Just Got Smarter!

Imagine having your own caddy, carrying your clubs and letting you enjoy walking the course. Freed from lugging a heavy bag or push and pull a cart, you'd stroll from tee to green, enjoying the view or chatting with your partner, and getting exercise along the way... [ Read More ]

Get Back in Your Golf Game with a Remote Golf Cart

Pull/Push golf carts may be what have driven so many golfers away from walking the course to the semi-sedentary motorized golf cart. Common sense dictates that walking 18 holes is better for the golfer, and all those carts wrecking the fairways and bunkers aren’t good for the course; so how can a remote golf cart -- as opposed to a driven two-passenger cart -- get you off your duff and back on your feet... [ Read More ]

Lithium battery upgrade: Worth the effort?

Remember typewriters? They went the same way as long-playing records and the eight-track cassette: consigned to museums by the march of technology. And what's next in line? The lead acid battery... [ Read More ]

Benefits of the Lithium Battery Golf Caddy

There is a good reason that remote control golf caddies are being seen on golf courses all over the world. Golfers everywhere are beginning to realize how much more enjoyable an afternoon of golfing can be when they use caddies that can carry themselves. One thing golfers who decide to purchase a remote control caddy need to think about is whether or not to purchase a caddy with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are different than the traditional lead acid type batteries that you see on some golf carts... [ Read More ]

The Benefits of Motorized Caddies for Golfers

Golfing is a truly a wonderful sport; what else could beat stepping out onto the green on a beautiful day, ready to play golf with friends, family, or even by oneself? Not only is the sport of golf a great deal of fun, but it can also be great for one's health. Swinging a club regularly builds upper body strength, and simply being out on the course and walking is good for getting important cardiovascular exercise and staying in shape... [ Read More ]

Benefits of a Remote Control Golf Caddy

Playing golf is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. The game of golf can be an easy-going outing with friends, a time to relieve stress, or a serious event that tests focus, skills, and promotes competition. No matter your reason for playing golf, it is a pastime that is enjoyed by all who can properly swing a club... [ Read More ]

The Alligator Electric Golf Caddies (EGCs)

Why Choose the Alligator? Cummins Outdoors is a family company located in Raleigh, NC. Many rounds ago, our family of golfers realized that Electric Golf Caddies (EGCs) were going to be the future standard in golf play. Sure, riding carts will always be a great option for golfers... [ Read More ]